Entrenched in bulimia hell… still

Hie all, it’s been 3 months since I created this blog and wrote my first post, I’ve been busy with exams but now it’s over but bulimia she’s still present she is the only constant thing in my life and she’s sucking the life out of me. It’s not as worse as it used to be but switching from purging type to fasting type bulimia might seem like I’m getting better but I’m not. The longest I can go without purging is one or two weeks max but I fast oh god I do. Sleeping used to be a way for me to escape and forget about my EDs but now EDs haunt me in my dreams I sometimes have a nightmare where I eat and eat and wake up panicking only to realise that I’ve been dreaming then I feel relieved.

Today I binged myself into oblivion. Tomorrow will be different, fingers crossed, frustrating  how I don’t have control of my mind anymore.. bulimia has a tight grip that and crippling anxiety, I’m tired.










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