Growing up

Today is a great day, I went to the movies all by my lonesome because I can and I quite enjoyed myself. Today I’ve realised that I’ve grown up 3 months ago I would not have gone to the movies alone.. hell no for fear of being seen as a loser but today I realised that I’ve always been a loner in everything that I do why should going to the movies be any different just because there are couples there and groups of friends hanging out and then me all by myself doesn’t really mean anything.

The whole going to the movies alone is more than what it may seem on the surface, I am now quite comfortable with who I am, I do not have friends. I do not have a best friend. I have cousins who I get along with but they are not always around they are busy living their lives and sometimes I can’t help but feel that I’m spending my life being trivial but at least I’m working towards changing that and that makes me feel better. 






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