Chick Down

Flu has grabbed me by the throat it started out as a simple cough and now I have a raging headache, violent cough, I feel drained and at the risk of exaggerating I’m waiting for my inevitable death… well not really.
Oh did I mention I look like a gorilla and feel like one too?! because I do. I don’t know what it is with flu that makes you eat everything that isn’t nailed down I can confirm I haven’t eaten the kitchen sick yet but at this rate I will have probably devoured it by 8pm.

At least I have winter chocolates, the thought of them and I suddenly feel better. Today I’m in control bulimia wise and to be quite honest today I don’t care about the size of my thighs or my hip bones and my collar bones, days like today are very rare in my world. Tomorrow I’ll probably be standing in front of the mirror for hours, trying on every pair of jeans I own and criticizing everything about my body but for today I don’t give a fuck (please don’t mind the obscene) sometimes you have to use f bombs for emphasis.

Anyway let me lie down on the sofa and relax my shoulders are on fire and a cuppa coffee or 2 or 3 is just what I need, heck I want the coffee on tap.


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