Day 2 of restriction


Yesterday I restricted like you wouldn’t believe, a pepsi light for breakfast, half an apple for lunch a piece of chicken for dinner some juice then for my “cheat” i had half a cup of coffee with milk, coffee with milk on a day when I’m restricting that’s unheard of.

I’m still pretty ill, flu oh boy I’m suffering but today is better than yesterday and definitely the day before, since Monday night the sofa has been my best friend it hurts even to stand up to go and pee, waking up, spreading my bed, bathing, fixing myself a hot water bottle and feeding my four dogs all these little activities I have to do feel like climbing a mountain. Today my eyes hurt. sigh. 


I ate breakfast but I think I overdid it, a can of coke zero, a muffin, half a piece of bread with low fat cheese, 2 cups of tea and a lollipop. I was in full binge mode but somehow managed to stop myself before pouring 3 bowls of cereal thank god I managed to stop myself. So if I divide what was my breakfast and just pretend lunch was part of it I might just be able to live with myself today. 



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