Still ill

Day 3 of restriction and its going great also it’s day 5 of being ill and it seems it’s getting worse by the day. I woke up at 8 to let the cleaning lady in then went back to bed and only woke up at 11:30. When I was fixing myself some tea I felt this sudden wave of dizziness and I had sit down for a sec if I hadn’t I’d have fallen to the floor. It hurts when I breath and I have a stomach ache that’s been on and off so haven’t been eating a lot. Half a muffin for breakfast, an apple then a tea and a biscuit for lunch.

Right now I’m on the sofa watching some dating show, gosh dating shows make me so angry women putting themselves out there saying pick me, pick me to some dude but the funny thing is I always watch them.

Now trying to gather enough strength to go and take a bath and take the washing from outside, feed the dogs and fix myself something to eat, multitude of tasks can’t wait till I can finally chill on the sofa better yet I can’t wait to collapse in bed.


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