6 days purge free

What happened today… oh ate like a normal person feeling quite anxious but then again this is whole new territory for me. I haven’t purged for about 6 days now and that is splendid it’s mostly because I haven’t binged too much to the point were I need to purge. My appetite is weird today it’s coming and going in waves. It’s hilarious how I have coconut biscuits, ginger biscuits and crisps in my room in a bag I am not planning on a midnight binge I actually feel quite nauseaous but the fact that I have a stash makes me feel at ease & less anxious but more anxious at the same time. If I’m not careful this could turn into quicksand pretty soon but willpower is strong at the moment.

I did have that icecream I said I was going to have 175ml vanilla coated in chocolate and it was heavenly, no regrets.


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