Binge, purge, binge

Woke up with a full intention of binging on biscuits and tea. My mum was home today and while she did the laundry I was stuffing my face with massive ginger biscuits the size of half of my head. Then chocolate milk. Almost hooorayed when she said she had to go to get her hair done, 5 minutes after she left I had my hands almost elbow deep into a huge packet of corn curls. I wasn’t even that full but I then decided to purge… in a dust pan on the kitchen floor to avoid blocking the drain I now just throw away the purge outside. After that I felt dizzy so I ate some corn flakes then another giant ginger biscuit with chocolate coating and a cup of tea.

Congratufuckinglations to me! but I’m not even angry at myself or guilty just whatever. I ate a pie for dinner, actually half a pie I picked at it a bit. Mum came back with a lot of food and she even bought me chocolate with a strawberry centre I feel trapped by all these foods, tomorrow she is going to work and I’m nervous about being on my own. Earlier she told me how she was worried I wasn’t eating… funny I had just binged on a load of biscuits (which I would later throw up).

I’m going to take some antibiotics for my throat and watch some series’ because I can.


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