Can you hear that sort of gooey sound? yes? that’s the sound of PMS sucking the life out of me. This general topic is nothing new at all but I’ve been going through this for a while now. It has been a whole week and at the risk of greatly exaggerating I feel as though I’m literally dying. I’m sure there are 80 year old ladies with more energy than I have right now.

I’ve ate the body weight of a toddler in ice-cream today and I just can’t seem to ease up on the coffee with milk, don’t even get me started on fizzy drinks. The headache has been going on since yesterday afternoon and won’t stop… greaaaaat!

I don’t even know why I always feel the need to clean when I’m going through this erm difficult time, last night at 1am or rather this morning I was moping the living room, dining and kitchen tiles, did the dishes and obsessively wiped the counter tops, today I did the same I just can’t seem to stop. I for see myself turning my bedroom upside down cleaning the hell out of it later, send help.

If it weren’t for the herbal supplement my stomach would be a bottomless pit but thankfully I somehow managed to not over eat which is always good. Did I mention that I’m anemic and this whole menstruation business aggravates my everyday dizziness.. Oh joy.



4 thoughts on “PMS

  1. what supplements are u on? is that you with the guitar? i had a mega binge yesterday and my period came today lol. stupid periods.

  2. It’s this herbal weightloss thing called herbex slimmers the one that I am taking is a syrup called Fat attack it suppresses your appetite, like really suppresses it plus it.makes you get full quickly half a sandwich and a cup of tea you’ll feel like you’re dying from being too full. It also speeds up metabolism. There are other options in the herbex range a tea, some pills etc.

    My period hasn’t come yet but the pms is gone… weird. Yes that’s my guitar still trying to learn (I suck big time) lol. Oh and have a happy period. 😛

    • Any side effects from the tea? I’ve thought about appetite suppressants but I’ve always been too scared to take them.

      • I haven’t tried the tea only the syrup and I haven’t had any side effects expect a bit of dizziness when I first started taking it, if you do try any appetite suppressants proceed with caution and ask a lot of people about the product you’ll be fine.

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