Hoping for change made easier


This is a picture of me at a place called Cleveland dam. I always feel calm and at peace when I am there. The water relaxes me, the sight of it… I never go into deep waters because of something about immensity.. I’m deathly afraid of water. I love looking off into the distance and imagine and hope for change, I could do it for hours.

Even though I look fat in this picture you can see how huge my bum is and my legs resemble stumps but I actually like it. I have a thing for black and white photos and I was happy when this was taken. I rode a horse named Drummond and I let go of my inhibitions because I DID go into the water, did a bit of canoeing panicked before the canoe had gone far and I was terrible at rowing. I shouted “please let’s go back” – classic me! I tilted to one side so much so it felt like I was going to end up in the water.

I tried something new. It’s easy to hope when you do new things because screw monotony


2 thoughts on “Hoping for change made easier

  1. This photo is beautiful – and you don’t look fat at all! What you wrote about looking into the distance and hoping for change really shows in the picture. You’re so brave!

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