The routine that is life

I just had a realization tonight –it’s not anything near the greatest realization ever- but I was getting ready to go to bed, locking up the doors, turning the television off and tidying up the living room and I realized that life is one huge routine that lasts for decades. Life is that stupid of yours routine that lasts until you die. Isn’t it easy to be entwined in the sticky threads of a routine of some sort? For me it is.

You wake up you do the same thing everyday, if you’re a student you study, if you go to work you do the same job in the same office in the same spot with the same people, you get home at the same time, do the same things you do every night there is just no variety because there is no room for it… there is no time.

Breaking out of that wretched routine is crucial because aren’t we all sick of it? Yes of course it is needed otherwise life would be chaotic and how would you get to where you want to be if you don’t have that routine that enables you to keep your plans on track. I bet though life would be fun if we just went with the flow and did not follow some rigid schedule that stifles us. It’s hilarious how we create these routines ourselves then later on complain that we are bored of life and that we want something more but to get more you have to stick with it so that you reap the rewards in the end.

I sometimes observe people I know who are older than I am , they all look so dead eyed… so exhausted and so… complacent they are people who have “gone over the hill” in the sense that they reached a certain point in life were they accepted that this is their life now, of course this is only my perception. I can sense they have grown weary of being caught up in a routine for years and years and I can see that it’s weighing them down but there is nothing they can do about it they just have to toughen it up.

I am afraid that this will be my life too… I’ve concluded that if one strictly follows a routine they will probably end up stuck in a rut? Because if you’ll have set limits on yourself and never really given yourself a chance to try things out by mixing it up.


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