Restriction and the accompanying headache

I have been starving the whole day, hunger is a very strange sensation to me and I do not like it one bit. Hunger means I’m weak, I’m a cow. I felt like I was going to collapse the entire day but I did not give in, I refused to. I loaded up on green tea and diet coke. Today my emotions are OK in the sense that I’m not dwelling on anything like I always do… it’s refreshing. I’m rather lethargic so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

I had a massive headache earlier so much so I had to sit in a dark room for a while. When my mum came home I absent-mindedly told her I had a headache, whenever I have a headache I never tell my family because I once had an unexplained head condition that was a mystery to doctors so every time I mention I have a headache my family freezes and I hate causing alarm for something not serious. I hate making them worry, I hate the attention that is paid to my EDs and the medical complications that come along with it. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I hate that I am all my mum thinks about everything is about me me me me, It wasn’t my intention but that’s how mums are and I appreciate it so much, It is not with words that I can ever repay her.


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