Admission Granted

SC20131024-005645-1 I am so happy! At least one thing is on track for now! I applied for a postgrad degree and I was getting nervous as to why I hadn’t received any feedback because it has been a while since I applied. I was getting annoyed of obsessively checking my student e-mail account several times a day. So it’s a 1 year postgrad degree in Business, I still haven’t figured out what to specialise in I’m leaning towards Marketing because I’m so passionate about it but the other part of me wants to do general business. Well at least I have until December to make my final decision.

Here you do a 3 year undergraduate degree then if you want you then do a postgrad degree called an Honours degree and then Masters if you want. I have a love hate feeling about that system because once you finish a four year degree you can go straight for masters taking into consideration the required work experience. On the other hand after doing a 3 year degree you can’t go straight for masters you usually have to take a semester long break to even apply for an Honours degree because they only allow year end applications for classes that will start in jan/feb which is frustrating with that being said at least when doing your honours you can specialise. I did a business degree in undergrad but I can do marketing for honours and have more majors and more options after I’m done so it’s a bonus.

You can probably tell how into educaton I am, I feel that education is my way out and my way in as well. I can’t wait to do Masters! A part of me wants to be a lecturer as opposed to working in the corporate world. I just have a lot of love for academia.

I’m now worried about working and studying, doubt if I’ll be able to do it but that’s growing up. When something comes up I’ll definitely start working since my mum has offered to pay my tuition, lord bless her soul. It’s still only October and the studying will start somewhere in Jan/feb but I’m so excited. I can’t wait to start and completely absorb myself in textbooks. I have a strong feeling I’m going to be an eternal student!


2 thoughts on “Admission Granted

  1. that’s great news! congrats! i wish i loved school as much as you! it would help me get through it!

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