Went ’round the fire not through it

Today started out like any other day but today was different, I ate breakfast.. yep! that happened and I ate lunch too! Pretty impressive the fact that I didn’t end up bingeing but it’s because my brother had a day off today so I didn’t have the house to myself. I’m glad it worked out that way. We watched The originals episode 1-5, Man! What an epic series! The vampire diaries is good but this one is on another level. I Just love The original family with my favourite being Klaus, that british accent and that face… devastatingly handsome, lord save us all!

I stepped on a scale this afternoon, it was just something I did in the spur of the moment and I was shocked when I saw I had lost that amount of weight over a 2-3 day period, insane. Not too long ago seeing a lesser number would fuel me to keep restricting.. keep my head in the game etc but today it encouraged me to eat my lunch, half a scone (it was gigantic scone) and two biscuits with a cup of coffee. That filled me up really good, a small portion of food and I’m completely full and that makes bingeing physically painful because my stomach is the opposite of a bottomless pit these days.

I already know what I’m having for dinner and my evening looks sorted, Falling skies then the latest episode of The walking dead. Forever the tv addict!

Today’s battle hasn’t been won not really anyway. I just managed to go around the fire instead of walking through it but I’ll take this success and I won’t allow myself to feel guilty. I’ll try.


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