Suitability test

I applied for a job sometime ago and yesterday afternoon out of nowhere I got called to come in and take a suitability test. I was so shocked I didn’t listen carefully to the details the caller told me like the time to arrive etc and I had to call her back, typical me!

I woke up earlier than usual this morning, the appointment was for 1pm I even cleaned the house before heading out, killing time? nope I was just too nervous I had to do something. Ended up wearing my grey blazer, black formal trousers and black flats (I DON’T WEAR HEELS).

The stupid bus I was on dropped me off so far from where I needed to go I had to run like some kind of arsehole, when I got there I was sweating it was embarrassing! There was one other guy taking the test as well and he looked so slick in his formal wear and then there was me forehead and neck dripping with sweat, It was humiliating but incredibly hilarious.

The test was the most annoying thing ever, maths and English comprehension. You need 75% to pass. Turns out the job I thought I applied for there are no posts open right now so I told them to fit me in wherever, honestly I don’t care. I don’t picture myself working there anyway.


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