Of Music, Cellphone scam and dramatic tendencies.

Haven’t blogged in a while! it’s 1:32am and I’m in bed listening to a masterpiece of an album Mer de Noms by A perfect circle, Maynard’s voice is life. I’ve been listening to a lot of Tool lately OBSESSED with 10000 days. Music is always there and I can’t put into words how much I appreciate it.

This week has been awful, I lost money by buying a piece of crap of a phone. I bought a Samsung S4 only to find out it was fake and couldn’t even connect to 3G network, what a joke! I feel like such a dumbass, saving up for months only to end up buying junk. I ended up laughing about it earlier this evening, you know when something is so awful it actually starts to be quite hilarious. Now I’m back to using my shitty Samsung, it’s actually a good phone to be honest but I wanted one with a MASSIVE screen. You win some you lose some unless if you’re me this week, you win none and lose everything. A bit dramatic for just a phone issue but it’s one of those little things piling up on top other things making everything seem unbearable but I think I’ll survive.

Today I am 21 days purge free, yay! I feel so free but sadly I’m still as bulimic as I was 3 weeks ago even without the purging because I’ve been restricting even more than before but at least it’s “less dangerous”.

Man this is a good album, I just wanna get up and headbang to this song playing “The hollow”

Think I’ll stay up for another hour or 2, maybe I’ll write the night is still young… Well for me anyway 3:30am is Usually my bed time.

Now on to some Death cab for cutie – your heart is an empty room “burn it down till the embers smoke on the ground and start new when your heart is an empty room” those lyrics.. man those lyrics. Death cab is…… everything.


One thought on “Of Music, Cellphone scam and dramatic tendencies.

  1. I had to “youtube” Death Cab. I never heard of them. They have a nice, clear sound.

    I was recently introduced to Daughter and thoroughly enjoyed their music, especially her voice.

    Music’s certainly therapeutic. 🙂

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