On Wednesday the 4th I purged. After 25 days purge free I just did it. A small binge and suddenly I felt this urgent need to get rid of it, this time it was different it wasn’t an emotional ordeal afterwards, I just cleaned myself up took some throat lozenges and went about my day.

I didn’t obsess over it nor did I feel an ounce of guilt, It’s because I expected this would happen, I knew it! I would have loved to go one solid month without purging but I didn’t. If you ask me today how many days I’ve gone without purging I’ll say one month! Today is the 8th of December I last purged on the 8th of November (not taking into account Wednesday’s slip up)
Perhaps it’s cheating, cheating myself in a sense but having that one month purge free is what’s keeping me going.


5 thoughts on “Imminent

      • It’s a really great book. It’s helped me so so much. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. And thank you! I hope your struggle gets easier as well. 🙂

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