In motion

The ball is officially rolling, I registered on Monday made the payment for my tuition on Tuesday, the payment went through this morning and now I have to buy the prescribed textbooks and it will be all systems go. To be honest I feel rather incapable and slightly overwhelmed. The excitement has worn off a bit… shit just got real. I am going to attempt to do a 2 year post graduate degree in 1 year. I pray I won’t muck it up.

At least I have no exams this year but a whole lot of research, assignments and portfolios to compile and submit. Apparently I have to select a topic and then compile a business research proposal and report, oh boy! At least I will have study buddies to shed the light on some areas, helping each other etc so I won’t be completely in the dark.

It would have been nice to get some work experience during the past few months but companies are not hiring the funny thing is that the newspapers are inundated with job vacancies and yet nobody is getting hired. I am taking a break from the job searching dance, I will apply if I see an advert that I qualify for but I won’t be actively searching. An acquaintance recently said to me “take your time, find something you really want and don’t rush” And that’s advice I am taking.


3 thoughts on “In motion

  1. That’s great to hear, the school part, that is. Just keep your focus on one or two things at a time. That will prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed. I have to remind myself of this every morning, and it works like a jewel!

    Best wishes for you going forward.

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