What sucks?

You know what sucks? When somebody else’s absence tremendously affects your mood, before you know it you’re analysing everything about your life. I feel it’s not healthy to have someone be that important to you. Their presence is like a temporary antidote to your depression and when they live you go back to that same spot you were in.

You get angry at them for hanging out with other people instead of you, you know fully well that these feelings are irrational. It’s amazing how some people are the light, they walk into the room and light it up in ways you never thought a room could be lit. So full of life.


3 thoughts on “What sucks?

  1. Someone once described me as being a person that lights up a room when I walk in. They said people want to be near me, and the one’s that can’t be like that, don’t like me. I don’t know what’s worse; being the person that is responsible for pain, or being the one that is in pain because of people like that. 😦

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