Sleep Paralysis


After sleeping for only 2 hours, I had an episode of sleep paralysis. This has been happening to me since I was a kid, I went back to bed then within a space of 30 minutes I had 2 more episodes.

Sleep paralysis is a sleeping disorder where when you are asleep and you wake up, your mind wakes up before your physical body does, you cannot move or speak, it feels like you have someone holding you down and you can’t move or fight it. It feels like you’re suffocating and any attempts to scream are futile.

People say that this condition is caused by a demonic presence pressing you down or possessing your body, some people who have sleep paralysis say that when they are having an episode they can see a shadow in the room or some other presence but they are unable to call for help. I have never seen another person in the room with the exception of these consequtive episodes I had when I was I kid over the course of a week or so, I would see a midget in my room he didn’t say anything but I knew he had come to take me with him. Tonight I did not see a shadow or anything but I did see a flicker of orange light, like some kind of firey imagery.

Sleep paralysis is very scary because I swear I am awake and I cannot do anything, I even tried to scream for help but the more I tried to speak it felt like I was suffocating. I have been suffering from this silently for years by silently I mean everyone in my family knows about this but it’s not something I have paid much attention to, until now because the episodes are more frequent and it is getting in the way of life

When I was ill with an unexplained head condition in 2011, I had these episodes every single night several times as well and my mum would sleep in the same bed as me so she could wake me up when it happened. That’s the tricky part because when it is happening you are awake, you can see your robe hanging on your closet door, you can see your ipod your bed side table but somehow you are still “asleep”.

Apparently there is also a link between SP and anxiety and/or depression. There are many proposed causes of SP but I sincerely hope it’s a biological condition not a paranormal condition because if it is paranormal then I am going to be scared to go to sleep for probably the rest of my life.

Those who think it’s a paranormal condition reckon that when this happens relatives who practice in witchcraft are using your body and/or spirit to perform their craft, a dead person coming back in spirit form because they have unfinished business .. that and other tales.

Here seen a demon believed to sit on the person as they sleep hence the feeling of being pressed down.


Though I am not an overly religious person but I am a Christian and I believe in God, when the SP is happening I say a silent prayer, something like “the blood of Jesus” when I do that the feeling of being pressed down gets tighter and tighter like I am being squeezed the life out of me then it ends and I “wake up”. I’ve learnt to not stay in bed and go back to sleep other wise it will just happen again, I instead sit up straight and start reading something.

Some tips I read online are to try and let the process of the SP happen, trying to wiggle your toes and fingers, making facial expressions and praying, apparently if you do that you will just snap out of it.

It is 5:15am and the sun is about to come out, I think I’ll try to get some sleep. SP can happen anytime of the day but I’ve found that I only have it at night and I am less afraid to sleep in the daylight. What a night this has been! The birds are chirping and I feel like I’ve just come out of a horror movie as the only survivor of gruesome happenings and the credits are just about to roll out!


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