Oats in the water

I spent the day in good spirits, even danced in the living room listening to Britney Spears, made dinner, did my hair then all of a sudden my mood turned to shit. I am really struggling right now, there’s this overwhelming feeling of loss that is consuming me.

I’ve been purging a lot these past few days almost up to 3 or 4 times a day. I haven’t binged in a few days I’m purging normal sized “meals” (popcorn and tea). If I am not taking mid-afternoon naps I’ll be awake resting on the sofa because I am so exhausted from purging it really drains you. I have been hydrating though, there is nothing more worse than a post-purge dehydration headache.

Already dozing off, definitely going to sleep like a log tonight!


3 thoughts on “Oats in the water

  1. Do you see a therapist? I think that would really help you to have someone to talk to about everything that’s on your mind. Takes a lot of stress off of me to have my therapist to talk to and give me advice. hope you feel better. take care.

  2. I hate it when my mood suddenly swings from OK to crap. It happened to me yesterday, but luckily it was just two hours before I had an appointment with my therapist, so I was able to just go to bed and tough it out. I guess in some ways, it was good, because I was so emotionally vulnerable when I turned up for my appointment that we did some really good work (I find it difficult to open myself up, difficult to let people in).
    Hope tomorrow’s a better day for you.

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