Just another Wednesday

The past two days have been hectic, waking up at the butt crack of dawn to rush off to the bank to get a proof of payment they could have just sent me via email or text but apparently it was something I had physically sign for. I had to get it done as fast as I could so I could come back home before the people fixing our internet came. I took 4 buses yesterday… 4! When I got home I was so exhausted, then today I had to go all the way into town to scan something and I swear I must have gone into about 4 copy shops and they all kept telling me that their scanners were not working.. the 5th one I went into? Had no electricity… of course.. talk about annoying.

I then had to rush off home before the internet people came because yesterday they did not pitch up. I saw their car turn into our road then I had to literally run after them, it was in that moment I was reminded of how much I hate running and I applaud people who go on jogs religiously because that shit is exhausting.

My mood has been stabilised and that’s great, the lows are not so low to the point where I am eye deep in the trenches and the highs are okay-ish, one day I’ll find that in-between state.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to a nice lie in, lord knows I need the rest I keep falling asleep all over the place.


3 thoughts on “Just another Wednesday

  1. Whoa that sounds exhausting! I’m tired just reading about it lol. I hate running myself. Sounds like you were very productive though!

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