Eating disorders and natural weight loss remedies

Throughout my twelve years of suffering from multiple eating disorders I have taken a plethora of weightloss remedies, some that worked and some that did not. Despite my hate for my EDs I do admire something about myself and that is the ability and discipline to alter my physical body into what I desire though I have never been satisfied. That discipline translates into fortitude that my EDs gave me and I would not be here without it. As sad it sounds dieting is my forte, these act of self-denial followed by Surfeiting is what I am good at.

I thought I would mention some of the weightloss remedies I have taken in the past 12 years:

1. Milu tea

This tea is very scarce here but it works, this tea changed my life and to this day I believe that it layed the foundation for my eating disorders. I started taking it openly everyone in my family knew and they supported me, I was ten years old and I just wanted to lose weight so I could wear my swimming costume during swimming time with my classmates and not feel ashamed. I lost weight came back the next term a grade older but I did not stop taking it and this time my parents were incredibly worried so they hid it from me, throughout the next few years I would buy it in secret, drink it when they were not around. The whole milu tea consumption was put to a halt when I had to go to an all girls boarding school and it was impossible for me to drink it.

2. Parsley
When I about 12 years old my dad started drinking parsely tea three times a day to try and lose weight as was suggested by his doctor because of his gout, he wasn’t obese or anything but he did need to lose a few kilos so as to put less pressure on his foot. Anyway I started taking the parsley as well and it worked wonders, just take a spoonfuls of the dried herb pour hot water then drink three times a day!

3. Cinnamon and honey

During the parsley era I discovered the brilliance of this concoction: cinnamon powder and honey, It was simple add honey and cinnamon to a cup of hot water and drink, it made me feel sick but it worked.

4. Apple cider Vinegar

Thankfully apple cider vinegar is considered healthy, I started taking it around the time I was 14 years old and this was after I had convinced my parents to pull me out of boarding school after a year of pleading, it was the suicide threat that made them sway at the end. To this day I still take ACV, I have it my closet as we speak, it might not make you lose loads of kilos but it does make your stomach really flat and I love the way it burns your stomach when you take it, it leaves you feeling empty and empty is good.

5. Intense exercising

This isn’t really a remedy in the sense of something you injest but when I was 15 and this was when I was in the depths of anorexia, the smallest my body has ever been and practically banging on death’s door. I exercised a lot, I remember I did hundreds of situps, hundreds of leg lifts. I would get home from school and immediately start exercising, even waking up in the middle of the night so I could do a really mean set of lunges. I took all those herbal remedies and exercised at the same time, it’s a miracle I even made it to the of the year. On my mum’s graduation that year my illness took centre stage and that is when everyone started to really really take my EDs seriously and I of course was furious and thought they were all crazy.

6. Garlic, apple cider vinegar and honey

This remedy is the one you take when you are serious about losing weight, I swear. I took this on and off from along with other remedies between the ages of 16-19. You simply put quite a few cloves of garlic in a blender then you add the honey and the apple cider vinegar, leave it in the fridge for five days then after that you simply take one tablespoon there times a day. The weight will just slide off you, it’s amazing. I don’t take it now because it requires refrigeration and that would mean my family knowing about it.

7. Herbex

This herbex brands has many weightloss products, from slimming teas, to fat attack syrups, tonic etc. The best thing about the products is that the ingredients are natural. It is quite expensive here. I use the slimming tea and the syrup. This is all in secret of course.

I have taken a lot of stuff in the past few years and I can only pray my body has not been ruined because of, the thought of it isn’t enough to make me stop.


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