Dum spiro spero.


One of my favourite quotes, Dum spiro spero – while I breath I hope. I could use this for motivation right now. I am feeling extremely down and this tide of discontent with my current life will slowly but surely swallow me whole. That being said, for an eternal pessimist I’m starting to believe now and it feels good now that my vision for my future is not as obscured by this thick mist of pessimism as it was. I do have moments, days when I am literally drenched in hopelessness and I convince myself that my future looks bleak. I have a very long way to go before I can believe 100% but you gotta start somewhere right.

Today has been a day of dizziness, disorientation and panic. Even reading the paper was straining. I had a few laughs so it’s not all bad. I am glad I managed to restrict this weekend.

I just wish this headache and lethargy will be gone when I wake up in the morning. I am looking forward to tomorrow, I hate the weekend when I need things to be processed but they can’t because Saturday and Sundays are not working days.


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