This has got to be my favourite time of the day, early morning (2am) in bed listening to music, writing and thinking. It feels so peaceful and it usually this time of the day when I seem to be clear headed and can make decisions. I am re-discovering my love for Of monsters and men, what an amazing band I remember I was so consumed with their album in 2012 it was all I talked about.

Though on some days I am usually over thinking during this time of the morning when I should be in bed but mostly I use this time productively. Even when it comes to studying I am like a machine at this time of the morning, super efficient and the information I read sinks so that’s amazing. I am a lady of the night!

I am enjoying the last week of this since on Monday I’ll no longer just be browsing through my portfolio but I will actually have to start working on it, which means no more dilly dallying. I feel like I have been on a break from the studied for like a year. I wrote my last exam in june 2013 and it feels like a lifetime ago.

I have had more than 7 months of strictly no studying policy and to be honest I deserved it, I worked my arse off for 3 years to get my qualification.

For some reason I think that this year is going to be the most transformative. , I feel like this year a new foundation will be built and then I will have to make a decision on whether to build my future on that which would be the unknown and the untested waters or stick to this sick foundation and keep building on top of a damaged foundation only to see it crumble. I don’t think I am ready for a drastic change but sticking to the familiar because it is easy is not what I want to do.

I say one thing today and tomorrow I’ll say another thing.


3 thoughts on “Foundations

  1. I’m useless at 2am so I admire your sprightly energy in the wee hours!
    I also have the feeling this year is going to be transformative. Not sure exactly how, but I have a feeling I’m going to end the year in a much better place than I started it.

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