Migraines from the depths of hell

Yesterday was such an awful day, I went to go and get my hair done and on my way back home this migraine from hell started so much so it felt like a person was tearing apart my skull with their bare hands. The loud radio in the bus did not help either.

I got home and had some juice and a diclofenac, the migraine would not go away. This is the second migraine I have had this week and to be honest I would not wish these types of migraines on anyone. Thankfully my mum bought some strong painkillers and I took those and decided to lie down in my room, an hour later I woke thinking I was all better, I was wrong.

The pills managed to knock me out some 3 hours later after I took them… weird. I napped on the sofa and by this time my hands were numb, tried standing up and fell and my mum had to help me to my room.

I have had these migraines of this magnitude before in 2011, this was the time when I had an unexplained head condition. It felt like I had fluid moving in my head, when I tilted my head in either direction it felt as though this fluid would move as well. Other times I felt this intense heat inside my head, it was a very scary time in my life. We saw several doctors and not a single one of them could offer any sort of explanation or a diagnosis of some sort. Truthfully I thought I was going to die that year, I was saved by grace because it went away on it’s own.

So every time I get these migraines I start to worry, I never ever ever want to go through what went through in 2011. When I woke up this morning I felt groggy I still do actually but at least the migraine is gone. Hopefully will not have another one.


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