A night like this

I had a lovely night, God I love football! My favourite team Liverpool FC played tonight it was such an intense match and we won, 3-2!. I love nights like this screaming at the tv, joking and talking really loudly. I am so excited for the weekend because there is a big match on we’re playing against arsenal.

It’s after midnight and I just got into bed, I am so ravenous I am literally fantasizing about the red seedless grapes and sweet sweet plums in the fridge. My head was spinning a few hours ago but managed to keep my mind off it when I was watching the match, hope I doze off soon.. could use a good nights sleep! Day 3 of restriction tomorrow I can’t wait to eat on Friday!


2 thoughts on “A night like this

  1. That’s so amazing that you have such a great hobby that you find so much fun. And that you’re able to watch sports without drinking and eating!! Watching soccer, football or hockey always means beer and unhealthy bar food for me 😦

    I couldn’t help it – I binged tonight because I’ve been feeling kind of crappy about guy stuff, even though (as you know) my night last night was really fun. Anyways, I was wondering if you let yourself eat whatever you want all day or if you only have one round of bingeing and purging? I try to keep it to one B+P per binge day but sometimes it ends up being two rounds. And I try to eat healthy in the mornings of my binge days.


    • Trust me I would love to devour unhealthy snacks when watching sports but I cannot eat in front of people so I just stick to diet pepsi or something. To answer your question on a binge day it’s an all day event from the time I wake up until after dinner. I can’t have one binge then leave it at that, I’ll purge a few a times during the day so that I make room for more bingeing… it’s really messed up. I don’t even go anywhere on that particular day!

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