Creepy old man

The old man fixing our fridge came by today and he is very creepy and gross, I was explaining to him how exactly the fridge was malfunctioning and he kept looking at me up and down in a really sexual & disgusting way it made sick so I just left the room and left him to do his job, he then said that the compressor was damaged and he’ll be coming back tomorrow with a new compressor so I have to deal with him tomorrow again. Ugh.

I probably sound ridiculous but it really disturbed me because I was alone in the house and I am VERY paranoid. (I even keep a knife under my bed) The reason being “just in case”. Insane I know!
I didn’t tell anyone because I know how it would sound… Silly! At least tomorrow it’ll be over and I’ll laugh about it someday.


It’s 1:15am and I just climbed into bed, super tired and I have the dizziness that is always present for a few days after aunt flo leaves but it’s all good, I am taking my iron tablets and hydrating as much as I can.


7 thoughts on “Creepy old man

  1. I don’t think you’re being paranoid. I would be concerned myself if I were in your situation. Be careful tomorrow. Maybe get someone to come over while he there tomorrow.

  2. A friend of mine keeps a baseball bat next to her bed. It may look funny, but being safe in a city doesn’t hurt.

    I second that suggestion. Get someone to come visit for a bit. Be safe.

    • I know someone who keeps a cricket bat in their wardrobe. I agree with you it does sound funny but in the event of something happening at least you have something to defend yourself with.

  3. Always go with your gut. If he made you feel uneasy, there’s a reason. Also, I sleep with two baseball bats in the corner (one wooden one and one metal) If I break the wooden one over someone’s head, I know that when I grab the metal one, it ain’t going nowhere 🙂 I also have a gun in my closet. As women, we have to protect ourselves from the things that can so easily overpower us. If my bat won’t stop ’em, my bullet will.

    • Exactly! As women we have to protect ourselves, I find it shocking how people are very anti guns in a household (which is understandable in some circumstances) nevertheless I am very much pro guns when I have a home of my own I will definitely buy one. Go you for having not one but two baseball bat and a gun as well. Safety first.

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