A title eludes me

I have been feeling drowsy since last night, that feeling you get when you take a sleeping pill but I didn’t take a sleeping pill. I woke up at 12 noon today and did some work around the house only to collapse on my bed 2 hours later and I slept until 4pm. It’s almost 6pm and I could go to bed right now and wake up tomorrow, perhaps my body is recovering from all the 4 hour nights I usually have.

I can’t seem to eat anything more than a handful of any type of food without feeling uncomfortably full, I ate a handful of grapes and had some juice when I woke up at 12pm and it felt like my stomach was going to explode. I hate when that happens there is no way I can binge. I drank some aloe vera and took some stomach syrup but it’s not changing. I am afraid to eat my dinner because the pain is excruciating but I have to eat dinner otherwise it’ll trigger a binge and I’ll end up in more pain. I’ll eat a small dinner maybe a salad.


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