I got the result of my first assignment earlier this evening and I don’t know how to feel about it, I got 50% yep… right on the dot. A part of me is glad because it could have been worse, I could have gotten 30% or worse then there is another part of me that wants to write my supervisor a lengthy email and ask him where exactly I did wrong but I’ll get my marked transcript soon and I’ll be able to see my mistakes… besides this was my first ever assignment for this program and I have to believe that I will get better at it. I just hate average!

What follows next is me pressurizing myself until I am completely exhausted to even think but the good thing is that during those periods of pressure I do get a lot done but I won’t realise it until I’m out of that zone but there’s a huge difference between getting a lot done and getting a lot done BUT making sure you’re doing it correctly. I just hope what I am doing is the latter.


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