It’s after 1am and I am awake because I am too scared to go to bed because I can hear something moving in my wardrobe I am deathly afraid it’s a snake and I am actually contemplating going to sleep in the living room. There are a lot of snakes in the area but we haven’t seen one in years. Legend says there was an old man who got pissed off with people living here and before he died he unleashed his different types of breed of snakes and they have been breeding non-sto ever since.. hah bullishit!

We live in a very wet area and the houses are so dispersed and there is a forest in between houses, it’s one of the reasons why I love it here it’s so peaceful but the snake thing does my head in. I should stop being paranoid and go to bed, I also sleep with the light on every single day without fail it has to be really bright so I can be at ease and go to sleep. If I sleep with the light off I have nightmares, night time is the hardest time for me because I still have those little girl fears about night time weirdness, okay I don’t think “monsters” exist or anything but I believe witches exist and I believe in supernatural occurrences and that mixed with my paranoia makes for a combo that works against my favour.

I try to pray every night before I sleep and about once a month I cleanse my bedroom with coarse salt, I found that the night when I do the cleanse I tend to sleep peacefully for days after that.


One thought on “1:26am

  1. I understand having fears around going to sleep. I don’t have much advice, except I watch Friends before I go to bed every night. That helps me. Something to make me laugh.

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