Saturday, not so bad

Saturday, not so bad.

I went to a wedding today, it was a relative from my mum’s side whom I have never met but I went anyway because I didn’t feel like staying at home on my own all day with nothing to do. When we got there I couldn’t find anywhere to sit but my mum did since she had rsvp’d so I ended up being squeezed in on some table and I was sitting with people I didn’t know at all… Mostly old folks and they kept smiling at me like who are you. It was one of those situations were your mum eventually introduces you and everyone gasps saying they didn’t recognise you since they last saw you when you were a kid.

The bride was young probably around 25, the groom had a goatie..ew. Anyway seeing the bride and groom dance I found myself smiling and thinking how amazing it must be to find a great guy then eventually get married and celebrate with all your loved ones. I definitely felt that “twinge” that feeling you get when you witness something and you know you would want something like that for yourself in the future.

The drive back home felt shorter, it’s true what they say if you’re driving somewhere you’ve never been before the journey seems longer but when you’re coming back from that journey it feels shorter. The best part about going somewhere with mum is the gossip on the way back home, Me : “omg did you see how hideous that cake was” Mum: oh my lord I saw, it was something else.. it looked like mud” *roars of laughter*

At least I got out of the house today, feels good to not always be at home. I realised that I don’t have classy looking clothes to wear on special events, my wardrobe is full of t-shirts, jeans and leggings and I don’t have a classy pair of shoes only have converses, boots and like a pair of pumps. I definitely need something less tomboyish. I wore doc martens and a plaid tunic with leggings to a wedding huh! Must buy a classy dress for when I have to go to one of these things again.


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