I just woke up from a horrible nightmare, I dreamt my mum had died and I was crying so much in the dream. I was confiding in this woman whose face I can’t recognise but what freaks me out the most is that in this dream
I was referencing things from real life, perhaps that’s normal I don’t know. I can still feel the emotions I was feeling in the dream… the pain, hopelessness, feeling of abandonment, regret, loneliness and I can’t shake this feeling of terror that just attacked me. What does this dream mean, I am so scared because I am of those people who BELIEVE dreams mean something and are related to real life… Almost like dreams are some kind of prophecy whose meaning needs to be decoded.

The dream felt so real, I was SO relieved when I woke up so much so I even said an brief but intense prayer. When I am dreaming 90% of the time I know that I am in a dream and I can always “pull myself from the other side” by telling myself it’s time to wake up now and I do immediately, sometimes when the dream is interesting I let it carry on until I want it to stop. I used to have these nightmares were I would be falling from a cliff but before I had smashed onto the ground I always told myself to wake up. I had these dreams quite a lot to the point were I wasn’t afraid anymore when I had them because I knew I could stop them when I needed.

Its 2:30am and I can’t wait for morning


One thought on “Nightmare

  1. I believe dreams are our subconscious mind putting together images to resolve issues or problems within us. But they are mostly made up of symbols and metaphors. The death of someone in particular may represent the death of what that person represents to us.

    But dreams don’t always represent something bad. The meaning can also be beneficial to us, like an epiphany, even in the context of a nightmare.

    For example, a dream of the death of my father might mean that I am pulling away from the old ways of him, becoming my own person; that his ways within me are dying and are no longer a part of me.

    Perhaps there is a quality in your mother that you have within you, and that this quality is no longer a part of you. If that quality is bad, then the nightmare is rather “good” in that it (your subconscious mind) is showing you that you are growing, moving to a different place in your life.

    There are so many possible interpretations of dreams. Books upon books have been written. Through it all, though, I would prefer to look at any dream in a positive light. Knowing the subconscious is using symbols to get its meaning across to us, we just have to look for that meaning. Don’t always think the meaning is bad.

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