What an event full day football wise, got so emotional towards the end because the match was so intense and we won. So yeah Liverpool actually have a chance of winning the league and I am excited, match days are always such a release I forget all that’s worrying me and it’s an amazing feeling.

Speaking of worrying, I forgot that an installment of my tuition was due and now 2 of my subjects have been financially cancelled which is sorta bad because I don’t know what this means for the assignments that are due on Tuesday. I am making a payment tomorrow but it always takes 3 days for the money to go into my student account 4 days if don’t hassle someone at the registration department then they’ll have to reinstate my subjects. I will speak to someone about this tomorrow and get the clarification I need. This is the classic stuff that worries me but for a change I am not really worried just a bit concerned. I can’t stress over something that is out of my hands, there’s no point.


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