Skeletons of a different nature

I came back from the salon this afternoon and I felt this sudden urge to clean so I started with my room. I found these on in my wardrobe behind some clothes, in morning gown pockets, 3 bottles of herbex fat attack, 1 packet of herbex slimmers tea and 5 empty bottles of apple cider vinegar. Oh my! Looking at it like this I can clearly see how overboard I have gotten given this stuff is only from about 4 or 5 months back.

2014-04-16 13.36.03


Apple cider vinegar is great, it makes your stomach flatter and I love how it burns your stomach when you take it plus it’s natural. The herbex products are made from organic ingredients so it is safe as well… well up to a certain point because I think with everything in life there is such a thing as “too much” even if that something is supposed to be good for you, it’s just a matter of not going overboard and suffering in the end. The herbex tea really works and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain weight, your digestive system improves tremendously and you lose weight without knowing it until a couple of weeks later when you’re looking in the bathroom mirror and you say hey I definitely look slimmer but it does leave me feeling dizzy because extreme me doesn’t eat anything on days when I take it (4 days a week) and instead of adding sugar and a little honey as suggested on the box, I just drink it without adding anything (don’t wanna add any unnecessary calories).


I burned the empty containers and I can breath easy now because I was always paranoid about someone finding the stuff then having to through the why are you doing this and why are you doing this to me/us fiasco. I take this stuff as a means of control, I stay at a weight I can live with but not comfortable with, there’s always that striving for an even lower number on that scale. I panic if I don’t have apple cider vinegar or the tea. For some people it’s laxatives but for me it’s this stuff, I am not one to take diet pills or try every other dodgy product out there that is guaranteed will work, I try something after extensively researching it and I always take herbal stuff.. always.



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