I’ll do my worst

I went out for a walk this morning, I am a fast walker even if I am not in a hurry when I’m walking… I WALK REALLY FAST, anyway a few minutes later the runners itch (unbearable itchy sensation on legs when running/walking) started happening and I was in agony, I could not wait to go back home. When I got home I immediately took off my tracksuit and I told myself that I wasn’t going to scratch because that would only aggravate the situation but I scratched a little and after that all bets were off and I scratched and scratched, unsatisfied I then went into the bathroom and scratched using a scrubbing stone for a good 15 minutes, it took everything in me to stop scratching it felt like I was possessed or something (maybe exaggerating a bit lol) but after that I looked at myself in the mirror and I had red streaks all over my legs.. definitely went too far but I felt sooooo relieved.

My friend then told me that I should try walking in shorts because he heard somewhere that it works- yeah right! He’s one of those friends who always have the wrong information, always wayyyy off the mark but it’s very funny and it’s part of his character which I appreciate.

Procrastinating really badly now, I have two huge portfolios which are due soon, there are no exams for those two, I would gladly sit for an exam than having to do these portfolios because they are so involving and I can easily mess up and if I do I can end up getting de-registered on some other subjects because these portfolios I have to finish this semester are prerequisites for other subjects and you can only register for the subjects I am doing in January, so if I mess up (God forbid) I would have to wait for 2015!

Thinking about all the things that could go wrong is actually making me ill. I’m going to do my “worst” I always say I’ll do my worst and to me I’ll do my worst translates to I’ll do my best, it sounds silly I know but it gets me in the zone.


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