00:20am ramblings

When you out of your way to investigate if something is about you and then you find out it has absolutely nothing to do with you and what was said had nothing to do with you at all and you are not even in the equation. hah! Embarrassing!

I guess I don’t have a lot to say today, I did however manage to fight the urge to purge and that made my day miserable because I was uncomfortably full despite the fact that I didn’t even binge that much. It’s acceptable effort, I think I’m about one week purge free and that is good I guess.

I can’t seem to quit writing shitty poetry, I’d rather do that than actually do my studying, I suppose a few years from now it’ll be great to read that shitty poetry. When I read stuff from 8 months ago that I wrote I am surprised by some of the things not because I have changed or things have changed because they have stayed the same but it’s something I can’t explain reading it reminds me of the frame of mind I was in at that particular moment. I am dozing off here, I should call it a night




2 thoughts on “00:20am ramblings

  1. Feelings are feelings and poetry is a good way to get them out. I understand the purge anxiety. The want to and not want to at the same time. *hugs*

    • Thank you for your comment and you’re right feelings are feelings best let them out even if through crap poetry as opposed to letting all those feelings fester and end up consuming you in the end.

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