I saw spoilers

The fact that I just saw spoilers for the vampire diaries is really breaking my heart. hah! Also distraught over the fact that they cancelled The tomorrow people and revolution too, crap shows go on forever and the good ones get canceled. I remember Heroes that was a good series and of course they had to cancel it, V, Jericho and Ravenswood those are the ones I can think of right now but there are plenty more.

Anyway tonight has been pretty chilled, I watched a movie with mum called “The river wild” it was an oldish one from the 90s, it’s funny how I record certain movies that I know my mum will like, the ones we can both watch together and enjoy but not something I would really enjoy if I watch alone or if she does. We have our type of movies we watch together, it’s usually a movie about a plane hijacking (we looooove those), a woman running away from the bad guys, or a woman framed for a crime she didn’t comit etc.

We wrapped up the night by watching fashion police which is more my program than hers.

Outrageous foods then came on and I had to watch for a few minutes. I pretend that it’s disgusting when the people on the show eat that much amount of food but inside I’m really just envisioning what it’d be like to eat like that. I have been trying not to binge and I think I am winning though today I overdid it on the icecream, come to think of it my diet today consisted of icecream, lollipops, a few biscuits and coke… yeah I’m 10 years old. Off to bed, big weekend ahead… Football finals, the end of the season and it sucks but on the bright side the world cup is a few weeks away so won’t be starved of football for long!


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