Mothers day

So, it’s mothers day tomorrow and I have no money to buy her a gift but it would have been nice to get her something. I’m thinking even if I had the money I would have found it tough to find a present for her, she doesn’t like chocolate, she doesn’t drink in case I wanted to buy her a nice bottle of wine, actually I’m awful at presents I buy people the worst gifts. That’s why I prefer to make something like a nice dinner or lunch and some cupcakes baked from scratch and with love, my favourite part is icing because I can get as creative as I want and as a result it feels more personal like that.

I was supposed to start baking today because I am making my gran some cupcakes as well but I was feeling so dizzy I couldn’t stand for more than a couple of minutes. Going to make cupcakes, cookies and a variety of sweet treats. So looks like I have a big “project” ahead of me today, I’m not the best baker but in another life I’m convinced I took classes got really good at baking and then ended up being the head baker at a cool restaurant. I haven’t decided what I’ll make for dinner but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Someday when I get a job and when I am someone, I will take mum out for a weekend away, somewhere amazing with animals and a spectacular view of a large body of water and really strong but calming wind…Wherever that place is, I will take her and that’s a promise.


One thought on “Mothers day

  1. A hug, a smile and an “I love you” is a great gift substitute.

    We don’t need to give gifts to those we love. We just need to give our love, let them know what they mean to us.

    These are the gifts I much prefer to receive (and give). 🙂

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