Sleep paralysis 2

I just had 2 episodes of sleep paralysis in a space of 30 minutes and now I am afraid to go back to sleep. This time those two episodes were really intense, I had the first one then I woke up but I was fully conscious but I couldn’t move so I started praying, it was a struggle even though I wasn’t even praying out loud. I woke about a minute later, I was still feeling extremely sleepy so I prayed and went back to sleep only to wake up again a couple of minutes later and I couldn’t move, this time it was really intense because I was shaking in a fetal position… All I could see in front of my eyes was this blackish grey and I couldn’t understand because usually when this happens I usually can see that I am in bed in my room but this time it felt like I was somewhere else completely, the more I tried to make my body wake up the more unbearable it became then after a few minutes of struggling to wake my body up I heard a woman screaming, the screaming lasted only a few seconds and the more I fought to wake up the louder the screaming got almost like this person screaming didn’t want me to wake up.

When this was happening I told myself to stay calm and that it will soon pass and my body will wake up but there was a brief moment when I felt like I was never going to wake up because of how powerless I felt with not being able to move. It also felt like I was slipping away from this reality and fading into another reality/zone. It’s so frustrating, you’re awake and fully aware of everything around you but you cannot move your body or speak Tonight it was extremely scary I felt like I was thrust into this blackish grey area were something was holding me down. I kept on praying silently “the blood of jesus” over and over again until I eventually “woke up”.

I just wish I could yell for help when these episodes are happening. I am so scared, It’s 2:20am and I don’t think I’m going back to bed tonight.


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