Haven’t been feeling well since yesterday, I started feeling nauseous around noon yesterday and it keeps getting worse. It’s that kind of nausea that makes you irritable and basically gets in the way of doing things, It’s constant and not like coming in waves. I can’t even look at food but I am feeling hungry and extremely lethargic but I can’t bring myself to eat since morning I have eaten only fruits and some chicken yesterday was the same as well. I drank some home remedies and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be right as rain. I am also feeling extremely cold so maybe it’s a bug.

It feels weird to be in bed at this time on a Saturday night and ready to sleep usually I’m on my desk studying away and obsessing, tonight I have no energy for all that. I tend to force myself to just power through it but tonight I’m listening to my body.

I haven’t binged in two days… actually being in this state the thought of bingeing is enough to make me gag but I am feeling the urge to purge because maybe if I force myself to throw up and get it out there it’ll make the nausea go away because I feel like there’s something on my throat and if it just comes out then I’ll be okay. I just hope tomorrow it’ll be over


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