Feeling better today

I quite love having the house to myself all day because it means I am free to do whatever I want in terms of food consumption. If I want to binge I have the freedom to do so and if I am restricting there is nobody to get all up in my business telling me I haven’t eaten all day. Today though, I am glad someone is in the house… It has definitely prevented me from engaging in any binge/purge activities, I had a cup of tea and an apple and that’s it. After the haphazard eating of Monday and Tuesday this deprivation is really needed.

The semester is technically over, usually I get at least a month and a half of free time before semester 2 but with this program it’s a never-ending affair with a truckload of assignments throughout the year. It really is comforting to know that I am just 3 subjects and a research report away from degree number 2, I pray I don’t muck it up or lose my mind.

Last night I ended up falling into a deep sleep after crying a ton only to wake up at 10am. It’s almost 2pm and today I feel okay, my head is a bit cloudy¬† but what’s new. I have been watching the home channel a lot and imagining how I’ll design my own home someday, it’s all addictive really and for someone who “hates” weddings I really watch one too many episodes of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway.


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