I was watching Supersize vs Superskinny earlier this afternoon and they said that the average time it takes for an ED sufferer to recover is 7 years, Woah! I know it takes quite a while to recover but hearing it like that made it so much more real. I then just randomly googled something about ED recovery and this article was the result I already know the information in the article as most ED sufferers do, we suffer from these EDs so when it comes to knowledge of recovery statistics  and what not we are all aware, its not as though we are ignorant of what it is exactly that we are doing to our bodies. Anyway what struck me the most in the article is the bit where they mention what recovery really is, it’s not about eating, gaining weight and maintaining a healthy relationship with food but there is so much more you need to be able to do, like maintaining age appropriate romantic relationships and what not… you’ll see the list when you read the article. When I think of recovery I think of getting fat and food, in my mind those are the only things I need to address but in reality there are a myriad of things… deep down I have always known this but seeing it like that made it seem new.

I tend to avoid articles on recovery, I really do. When I think of recovery I think of shoving muffins down my throat, I think of my hips getting massive, my thighs being hilariously huge and I just give up because I’d rather carry on with these behaviours and at least maintain my current weight as opposed to letting go of the steering wheel in the hopes of recovering and actually end up in a worse position but then again this is no way to live.

The whole it takes 7 years to recover is scary but I suppose it depends on where you’re standing. If you’re really anxious to recover it can feel demoralising because it seems quite lengthy but if you’re like me and you’re flirting with recovery it can be comforting it takes 7 years because at least you can forgive yourself when you try the recovery and fail since it takes quite a while. At the very end of the day after ED statistics have done our heads in, putting a timeline on anything is never a good thing so I guess not rushing yourself and taking it step by step is ideal but then again the more you continue with your behaviours the more damage you’re doing to your body and the closer you are to your demise.

I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Wow the “What is recovery?” section seems to list many simple things but I can’t seem to see myself achieving quite a few of them. The list feels long and draggy. Sigh. :/ 7 years. I can take 7 years for myself but to think of the health of the one I love suffering for at least another 7… that’s difficult. ED’s suck.

    • Yes exactly! They all seem like do-able things but in reality it’ll take a LOT to act least partially do them. I know what you mean, 7 years is a lot when you think of your loved ones and the turmoil that is part and parcel of being the loved one of an ED sufferer that they go through. I know my mum has felt the brunt of my EDs since she has stuck by me for over a decade of suffering and it has aged her. sigh EDs definitely do suck.

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