Eating disorders and genetics

“An eating disorder is a brain disorder”

“...a person is predisposed to an eating disorder and the environment triggers it”

“External influences can trigger an eating disorder, that is not to say that they can cause one unless the individual is predisposed to having one”

I came across this article and it’s quite interesting  

I have said this before but I truly believe I am genetically predisposed to have an eating disorder, that’s the only way to make sense of it all, why that diet I started at 10 years old spiralled out of control and has been for over a decade now, the wheels are coming off of this rollercoaster with no brakes and if something doesn’t give I am definitely heading for the crash.

Many people have body image issues as well as issues with food as well but they don’t go to the extreme trying to rectify their discontent with their bodies, feeling fat isn’t a life a death situation or is eating a little too much at lunch the end of the world, this is because they’re not predisposed to have an ED. In a normal person a message is sent to the brain that says stop but in ED sufferers that message isn’t sent therefore we know no limits.

As for what triggered the EDs I can’t pinpoint  exactly what it was but I suppose it was a culmination of things.


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