I can’t even

I out of nowhere decided to check the messages on a dating site I joined and there were messages but the one that stood out was one from this one guy I have had my eye on since joining the site. In the message he apologised for not being online and left a phone number saying I should text him when I read the message and at the end left an X… oh okay. I then proceeded to enter the number in my phone and I went on whatsapp so I can check out his profile pic on there and oh my God he’s beautiful…. the pics on the dating site don’t do him any justice. After seeing the pic I immediately threw my phone on my bed and started giggling because wow he’s so attractive.

This is whole new territory for me, I wanna text him and get to know him and stuff but I don’t want to seem too keen, wish there are guide book for these sort of things… jeez. If I were to text what on earth would I say “erm hie it’s so and so from the dating site” hahaha, feel like I would be putting myself out there though I’d be barely doing that. Feel like a 14 year old school girl right now. Well I suppose if I sum up the heaps of courage I need I’ll text sometime tomorrow since it’s nearly 1am right now.


6 thoughts on “I can’t even

  1. i don’t mean to bring you down or anything, but just remember that if you meet this guy make sure to meet somewhere public. Also don’t give out personal information like where you live, and i would be careful about giving him you number as well. seriously be careful. I had a bad experience once when i was in high school. i don’t want to see that happen to anyone else.

  2. I met my boyfriend (of 2yrs) on an online dating site (plenty of fish) and We messaged back and fourth about 8 or so times. I then just manned up and asked if we could text/talk on the phone. Don’t psyche yourself out!

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