Of wide hips and body image

I had no clue who Iggy azalea is until today, someone on my Facebook feed mentioned how HOT she is, so naturally being the curious cat I am and because of sheer boredom I googled her, then her body measurements.



This woman has a such a shapely figure & you can see she’s confident in her skin. My hips have always been the source of my unhappiness with my body as I feel they are not in proportion with the rest of my body, I don’t dress to look good… I dress to hide my hips & the worst part is that’s the way I am built, I can be at my thinest but my hips will always remain the same size but still that doesn’t stop me from engaging in unhealthy ED habits because hey maybe one day my.hips will stop being so stubborn.

Anyway, what I want to point out is that it’s nice to see a celebrity  with hips that are larger than those of her celebrity counterparts, not that I pay attention to celebrity’s bodies it’s just nice to see. I’d rather grate my nipples with a cheese grater than wear a figure hugging dress like the white one Azaela is wearing above, maybe in another life… without a body image/eating disorder disposition, maybe I would wear it.


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