When wordpress becomes a source of fueling your “triggered disposition”. Reading all these numbers of people’s current weights and daily calorie intakes isn’t good for my state of mind, normally it wouldn’t affect me at all but I haven’t had the best of weeks, stopping purging has meant my body is bloated and basically I have retained all the food I have consumed except for Friday when I purged but stopped myself after about two minutes.

I went into town today and I felt so chunky despite the fact that I was wearing all black, I was extremely lethargic all afternoon but not anymore… being dizzy sometimes you just have to be strong and it’ll go away eventually.

On the plus side I can’t wait for my face to get back to normal, purging makes your cheeks fatter. Anorexic me from late 2012 is having a field day laughing at unbalanced chunky 2014 bulimic me.


2 thoughts on “Chunky

  1. I relate to this in so many ways. The bulimic chipmunk cheeks going away is definitely a plus!

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