Set Point Theory The article above reminded me of a post of mine Fighting my biology The set point theory makes sense, your body is genetically meant to stay within a certain range. Nowadays when my weight fluctuates (as it always has) if my weight goes below a certain number my body starts to shut down before I used to be able to cope I’d feel horrible but I’d still be active and hell l bent on losing more… doing hundreds of situps etc whereas now if my weight is low I find myself not able to get out of bed because of sheer exhaustion even after sleeping for 12 hours, can hear my heart beating really fast & always on the verge of blacking out.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels but when skinny comes with heart palpitations, absent periods, extreme dizziness and moods from hell then skinny doesn’t taste so good. I am not underweight now and I’m fine with it to an extent, in a way I feel like I’ve lost discipline which pains me because I’ve always been good at that. This lack of discipline has also been reigning terror over my studies, I am not studying for hours and hours and no longer near as perfectionistic as I was a year ago. I’ve slipped into a state and I can’t be bothered to snap out of it because what’s the point.
Reality’s fist punched me in the face, life after graduation doesn’t magically change and everything won’t fall into place despite all your hoping, praying and efforts because the sad truth is where there is will there isn’t always a way. I know I’ll go back to my former rigid (and productive) self I just haven’t found the right motivation.

My body is demanding nourishment, I stay up late studying and I cannot concentrate because of my hunger gnawing away at my insides…. I never give in there and then so I just go to bed without studying (problem; studies being affected). It’s always the following day when I find myself clearing up bowls of cereal because of hunger, surely I could have just eaten a normal portion the night before and avoided all that but this is the disorder… This is bulimia and this is a fight.


9 thoughts on “Set Point Theory

  1. Hello Love,

    I know exactly what you mean when you say you used to be more disciplined. I used to be so good at dieting and working out, so good at studying. Now half of my days are binge days, I am fat and barely have any cardiovascular endurance. And I can barely study – every 5 minutes I will get up and do something or my mind will wander, or I’ll need to have the TV on, which is such a distraction.

    I thought we were supposed to improve with age?? What’s happening??

    Regarding the set point theory, it is absolutely true, but I believe it is possible to work against your genetics up to a certain extent. My goal is to try to be at the absolute lowest end of my set point range – and it is possible to do in a healthy way if you are very active! (Of course, given my lack of discipline now, that may very well be impossible). I also really, really hate my hips, but they do help my waist look smaller! And I am focusing on building muscle in my shoulders and upper back to even them out.

    • Guess it’s all just a myth guess with age comes slacking off hah! That’s my goal to be as skinny as my body will allow me without getting ill, shedding off a few kilos is not to say easy but manageable, for me the battle is maintaining it, my weight fluctuates so much it’s not even funny. August is almost here and things have to change binge wise… no more biscuits. I wish you all the best with your muscle building.

  2. I also understand what you mean about “losing discipline.” In a way though, you’ve gained discipline! Rather than restricting, you need to discipline yourself to listen to your body. What is it tell you you need? It knows what you need better than you do. Trust it to find its way, and that way you can concentrate on finding your way through your studies.
    Your body is your aid.

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