When something sound too good to be true……

Have had a hilarious two days, on Monday I saw an ad in the paper it was for a graduate management trainee position in a hotel/resort, I thought it was cool so I sent them and email with my cv attached then 10 minutes later they replied saying that my qualifications were suitable so I had got the job then they sent me a text saying I was needed for “immidiate” placement.


I thought to myself wow this smells fishy but it could be the big break break I have been waiting for, I thought to myself that maybe today is the day the sun starts shining again.

I was so freaking excited the job would be out of town and I’d have to relocate but I didn’t mind. Something though didn’t feel quite right. Two hours later I got another email from them saying that I should pay a fee that would go towards “medical insurance, registration with relevant authorities & hotel accommodation” That email raised all red flags and confirmed what I felt in the pit of my stomach – it was too good to be true bogus ad.

I then decided if I was going drop this I had to be 100% sure it was bogus so I researched online, I couldn’t find the ad anywhere else on the hotel’s website there was nothing in terms of open vacancies in any of the countries they operate in and that’s all I needed to know so I dropped it.

Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon they sent this text and I didn’t reply


By this point it was just this massively hilarious situation… my mum, brother and I had a field day yesterday because these are obviously dumb scam artists.

After that text they  called me three times using different numbers before that they texted me account details of some dodgy account in some random person’s name and they wrote “from finance department” after the text hahaha yeah I believe you. So desperate and making it apparent they are not professionals. During the last call I was very firm and told them to stop calling me and they did… thank God.

I wonder how many people were “successfully” scamed by these people. If a job position requires you to pay them a fee then it’s bogus it’s the same if they give you the job without an interview. There are some dodgy people out there, just glad I didn’t get my hopes up because I would be crushed right now if I had.


4 thoughts on “When something sound too good to be true……

  1. Hahaha immidiate. Thank godness you didn’t get scammed. Those scam artists aren’t very good at what they do. And taking people’s money from those who need jobs, too. Horrible.

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