Considering how many episodes of sleep paralysis I have per month I should be used to it and it shouldn’t disturb me the way it does. I was enjoying my sleep then the usual happened I woke up but couldn’t move my body and I tried to fight it like I always do saying a little prayer too but the more I fought the more powerless I got so I just let go and reminded myself that I will be able to move my body in a few minutes. I was sleeping on my back which for some reason made me feel vulnerable, my body was involuntarily rocking back and forth and I could hear the sound of trains in my ears… strange. Now I’m scared to go back to bed but my eyes are heavy with sleep I will definitely doze off soon.


3 thoughts on “2:53am

  1. I get this often when i restrict and/or am quite sleep deprived, i had an episode a few weeks ago where it felt like my brain was vibrating violently in my skull and i was having a seizure and i was 150% sure i was about to die. Not fun

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