Phantom hunger

Battling the ‘ol phantom hunger, highly irritable and definitely constipated (TMI). I could devour the chocolate chip cookies in my bag but I have an early morning tomorrow and I don’t want to wake up hours later and feel like I ruined the day before it even really started because I binged at midnight.

In other news my right tooth has become somewhat problematic (thanks bulimia), it hurts like hell then after some painkillers the pain goes away only to come back again, so will make an appointment with the dentist tomorrow, I know my teeth are badly damaged but I haven’t really inspected them in a long time but I’m certain it’s dreadful in there.. wouldn’t be surprised at all if a few are rotten… so attractive.


3 thoughts on “Phantom hunger

  1. I’m having the same problem with a tooth right now. And I have enamel damage on my teeth. Not looking forward to the next dentist appt.

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